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the studio.

Black Rabbit Studio is an intimate, low pressure recording setting with high quality output. Our space has hosted eight - piece bands, voice actors, podcasts, and singer-songwriters. Call us to set up a time to come by and see the studio.

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Tom Troyer is a skillful songwriter, producer, musician and engineer. As a former educator, he brings a uniquely nuanced, and intentional process to artists and their projects. His approach is laid-back and cooperative, helping artists execute their ideas and organize them into a cohesive finished product. 

Contact me here and lets start planning your next recording project together.

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film and live recording.

score and soundtrack.



Soundtrack by Tom Troyer

Video by Canopy

In the summer of 2014 seven friends went on the adventure of a lifetime leaving their friend Kevan's wheelchair behind. Together, they explored Europe, and spent three weeks exploring places commonly deemed *inaccessible*. They danced in the streets of Paris, hiked through the English countryside, and scaled the monastic island of Skellig Michael, off the coast of Ireland. Around every corner, faced with the wonderful reality that with courage and creativity, the world becomes accessible. 

During the trip, Tom purchased a guitalele while in France and began composing and recording on location. His songs became the backdrop to the trip and add a unique creative intimacy to the film.

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lets talk.

With over 15 years experience writing, performing, and recording music, I understand the anxiety that comes with studio sessions. Our studio space is fully equipped to produce your creative project professionally and efficiently. From voice overs, live recorded full band sessions, or audio engineering for live performances, we are here to serve you.

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